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Perhaps your life circumstances have shifted since you first acquired your property. Your family may have expanded, you might be working remotely from home, or your values and preferences may have evolved. The reasons for undertaking home or building renovations can vary among individuals, but we are committed to delivering top-notch outcomes to guarantee the success of your home or property

Why renovate an old house?

The term “renovate” refers to the act of revitalizing or transforming old items into new ones. When it comes to a house renovation, it can prove to be a wise investment that not only maximizes the functionality of your living space but can also enhance the overall value of your asset. Consequently, if you decide to sell your property in the future, you can potentially generate a higher profit. Furthermore, it can reduce your utility and maintenance expenses. 

Envision returning to your home to discover a fresh, revamped kitchen, a capacious family room, a renovated bathroom, or even an extra bedroom, enabling you to relish a more comfortable and inviting space with your loved ones. Fortunately, you need not limit this to your imagination, as you can turn it into a tangible reality with the help of Raise home – the best home renovator in Melbourne. 

We are offering below home renovation services across Melbourne

Raise Home also provide Home Extension services

As your family expands, the need for additional space becomes apparent. However, have you considered that moving to a larger home might not always be the optimal solution? Nowadays, it is possible to expand your current living space , which can offer more room and the flexibility to spread out. In many instances, the cost of a home extension can be much more cost-effective than building a brand new house. Moreover, you can continue living in the area you love and avoid the hassle of relocating. Whether you desire to remodel your current layout or append a new room to the back of your house, Raise home is capable of addressing all your needs at best affordable rates.

How can Raise Home Service help you to renovate or extent your home?

We provide unrivaled assistance from the beginning until the end, allowing you to relax with the assurance that your project is being managed proficiently. Our experienced team is fully prepared to handle any task, whether it involves constructing a new bedroom or converting a garage into a functional living area or revamp kitchen. You only need to have an initial concept – we’ll take care of everything else.

Why Choose Us?

Home Renovation & Extension Process


Site Assessment

Our team will visit site, understand your need and concern and prepare plan accordingly 


Prepare Site

Our team will start work. We will clean a site and prepare it to start renovation. 


Start Renovation Or Extention

According to plan our team will construct, resurface, or demolish building parts


Finish and Handover

Once we are done with renovation, we will give final touchup and handover the site to the customer

Our Working Process


General Analysis

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Work Contract

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Project Planning

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Structure Design

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