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We understand that constructing a new family home while taking into account the needs of each family member can be a wonderful yet challenging endeavor.Your early enthusiasm and creative urge may be quickly tempered by market noise, the numerous rules and government authorities you may have to deal with, not to mention but dealing with various services provider making this process stressful and confusing.

Build your perfect Dream home with the best custom home builder in Melbourne

Raise home is here to help you to fulfill your dreams and build a house that your entire family will love. We create your dream house from the ground up. All of your specifications and stylistic preferences are thoroughly addressed by both our design and construction teams, who collaborate to ensure that all building factors are taken into account in order to reach your desired end.

The custom home development process typically begins with  determining the layout, size, style, and features of the home, as well as selecting materials and finishes and creating custom tailored home design. Once the design is finalized, the construction process begins. This typically involves clearing the land, laying the foundation, framing the home, installing utilities and mechanical systems, and finishing the interior and exterior.

Quality is an integral part of our existence

Being a most trusted custom home builder, we place the highest priority on the quality of the homes we construct, as it is vital to our business and reputation. We strive to deliver top-of-the-line custom-built homes that surpass industry standards, leaving no room for any compromise on quality. Our team of experts carefully selects our highly-regarded suppliers and a vast range of premium materials to ensure that no detail is overlooked in creating the luxurious finishes that we are renowned for.

Raise home also build multi unit apartments, townhouses, condominiums.

Why Choose Us?

Our refined process



In this phase our team will discuss your requirement and get to know your test and needs


Pre Construction

The pre-construction phase includes developing a strategic plan for the project, drawing up blueprints, securing permits or permits, and gathering the necessary personnel and resources for construction



In this phase our experience team will start construction and will finish on time. We will keep your updated with completed  progress


Handover Key

This is final phase in which our team will give final touch up and take your final approval to handover the key of your dream home

Our Working Process


General Analysis

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Work Contract

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Project Planning

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Structure Design

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