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You have been living in a house for several years where you feel completely content and comfortable with your home surroundings. You enjoy spending time with your neighbor and hold them in high regard. Additionally, your local shopping market is nearby, saving you from having to travel long distances for groceries and other essentials. You feel at ease knowing that your children’s school and your workplace are conveniently close to your home. however your current home need a fresh start, but you do not want to relocate from your beloved area¬†. Here you need to choose knockdown & rebuild options for your sweet home where we will completely demolish your old home and rebuild it from scratch with your newly modern customize needs.

The benefits of a knockdown rebuild

The process of a knockdown rebuild entails the demolition of an existing house and the construction of a brand new home in its place. This option is particularly suitable for homeowners who wish to rejuvenate their property without being constrained by the limitations of their old dwelling. Below are the benefits:

1. You dont need to relocate your sweet home 
2. Increase propery value and reduce maintenance cost
3. New modern energy efficient home

4. Increase life span of your home

Are you thinking of a Knockdown and Rebuild in Melbourne?

With an advance technology and collective experience, Raise home is the top knock down rebuild specialists in Melbourne. In order to maintain the highest level of quality in every home we build, we restrict the number of projects we undertake each year. This enables us to concentrate entirely on a select group of clients, ensuring that we can give them our undivided attention and meet their individual requirements and preferences to the fullest extent possible.

Why Choose Us?

Knockdown and Rebuild Process


Site assessment

Our team will visit your site and prepare report for whole process and prepare new plan blue print and new building 3D design.


New Plan & Its Approval

Our team will help you to get a council approval for new building plan



Our skilled team will destroy an old structure using advanced technologies while avoiding any neighboring calamities



According to approved plan our civil engineers build new modern home for you. We will only hand over the key to your new home once we have had the pleasure of seeing you personally inspect and approve of the property with a smile.

Our Working Process


General Analysis

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Work Contract

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Project Planning

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Structure Design

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